Iron Man (2008)


That was enjoyable. Robert Downey Jr and Jeff Bridges in a movie is generally going to be pretty good.

Right off the bat, before even going into anything else; Downey Jr carries this movie. He is excellent. His delivery of dialogue is damn near perfect. Even with lines as insignificant as when he’s talking to his little arm-bots (I’m assuming that’s what they’re called) in his workshop during the designing and creating the suit. The lines spoken in response to the actions of these arm-bots, more or less under his breath, are very much in keeping with the character and the way Tony Stark interacts with others (as a smarmy dick, basically) but also didn’t actually need to be included. So round of applause for Downey Jr, Favreau and the editing team.

Apparently a lot of the dialogue in the movie is improvised, which could really only be done with actors as talented as Downey Jr and Bridges. Which brings me on to Gwyneth Paltrow…I’m going to be honest. I do not like Gwyneth Paltrow. I won’t go in to why here, that’s a story for another day. I’ll need a coffee enema before I can talk about that. She wasn’t bad. I’m not saying she was bad, but she was one of the weakest elements of the movie. This might be due to how little she had to work with, in fairness, there were very few scenes where Pepper Potts needed to portray any emotion, but even when she was given licence to act; she didn’t do a very good job of it. I’m thinking in particular of when she was asked to break into the Stark office and steal the files from the secure database. Pepper says no, because she does not want to be involved in helping the man she loves get closer to killing himself in battle. Understandable reaction, but it was delivered with such a lack of care.

While I know more or less nothing about what happens in the rest of the MCU movies, I am aware that Terrence ‘I beat my wife’ Howard is not in the others. I found out with a small bit of research (didn’t want to see any spoilers) that Terrence ‘I swear I have a master degree‘ Howard is replaced by Don Cheadle in the sequel. Which should really improve the interaction between Stark and Rhodes. He was shite. Pure shite. I’ll leave that there because I genuinely can’t think of how else to describe his performance. Shite.

In terms of the film itself, the effects are pretty good. There are a few scenes which look a bit dodgy. Basically any time you have the head visible while the suit is being worn. It still looks ok, but there is an odd flatness to the face. There’s nothing too special in the camera work, it looks fine. The set design is pretty wonderful. At no point did the locations in the film distract me from what was happening. The reasoning behind why Obadiah Stane (Bridges) wants to kill Stark is a bit flimsy. He basically just wanted full control? I know the whole ‘Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely’, but even so. It was just a bit thin on the ground. Especially when you consider that he went through the rigmarole of getting him kidnapped and tortured etc. etc. but then later on he just ripped out his ‘heart’ and leaves him there for dead. So why couldn’t he just do that earlier? I mean, you’d have to do a LOT more explaining later on when his body gets found and has a perfectly cylindrical steel tube stuck into his chest? I mean; if you’re in sole control of the company now, you’ll have to explain that, no?

Anyway…It’s a good movie. It starts everything off. It’s good. Nothing special. I’m sure they’ll get better.

I’ll give this 6 irons. 6 irons out of ten.

PS; this is the first one of these that I’ve done, so it’s probably a bit weak. Stick with me though. There may even be video reviews in the future.

Check out the twitter page for this @YouAvengers for updates on the next review.

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